Week 2: Pac-10 Order

Week 1 of the college football season was both caring and cruel towards the Pac-10. Seven of the 10 teams managed victories. California made a statement with there blowout of Maryland. The Huskies lost, once again, but showed the country that it really isn’t the same team we grew akin to last season (LSU had better step up their game). Barkley, at USC, showed his basic skills at the freshman QB spot (complete nickel and dime the entire time, with no chance of getting sacked). Then finally, there was the, what seemed to be, collapse of the Oregon Ducks. Chip Kelly dealt with negative attention from the press not only about LeGarrette Blount’s infamous punch, but also about the team’s lack of skills on the field.

Like I said, it was a weekend of mixed emotions.

The great thing about college football (CFB) is that there is another week…at least most of the season. This means a new week of preparation and learning, a new week of hope, a new week for fans to stitch up a damaged heart.

So, without further rambling, here is my short analysis of the Pac-10 football schedule for Week 2:

10. Arizona State has a Bye, but will most certainly be prepping for Week 3, which will be against Louisiana Monroe. Don’t underestimate those Warhawks at ULM…I saw them, first hand, against Texas and they showed great speed and mobility.

9. Boring game of the week goes to California. The Golden Bears will be hosting Eastern Washington…a cupcake (sorry folks, but it’s true). There are really no reasons WHY this game should be broadcasted, but it probably will somewhere on t.v. due to Jahvid Best and his ultra speed and cutting ability. If you haven’t watched him before please do so now! He has the ability to break YOUR OWN ankles, let alone the guy in front of him, trembling at having to make an open-field tackle. Cal is the victor.

8. Northern Arizona University travels to Arizona…yay? Definitely not. This one, just like the Cal game, will consist of Arizona beating NAU like a pinata…no blind-fold included. Hopefully the boys and gals at Northern A received a large check. Their boys are about to be stomped on like grapes at a ho-down! YEEEEHAAAWWW!!!………Arizona all the way.

7. Now we are starting to warm up a bit. Hawaii comes to Washington State…neutral field I believe. WSU is looking to clear their name, but it does not look likely that they will. Though Hawaii hasn’t been spectacular in recent memory, I’ll be safe to bet that the discombobulated (don’t you love to use that word too?) Cougars will not manage to put up 17+ points on the board. The Warriors will take this one, easily, but you never know when a barn-burner lies just around the corner. No upsets in this one…well, except after the game when the Cougar bench is bawling, realizing that they are the worst team in the BCS. WSU, if for nothing else, play to honor the Pac-10.

6. Drum ROLL!……………..Okay stop. Next up we have Stanford at Wake Forest. THIS one I would like to watch. Neither team is ranked, nor will they be ranked in the near future, but both are fairly strong teams. Each has some star players (do your own damn research, not my job…oh wait…) and each has the toughness needed to bring home a “W”.  Looking at Stanford to help Pac-10 respect around the country. Just do it and be on to the next game!

5. The Bruins of UCLA take on the Tennessee Volunteers. Lane Kiffin looks to improve his team’s season to 2-0 and prove to the world that his place in CFB as an, let me be frank here, A**HOLE will pay off for the Vols. UCLA, lead by Slick Rick himself, is trying to climb out of their own slump. The Bruins need forward momentum, or else they will be dealt a crushingggg blowww to their spot in the Pac-10. This game will be good, surely, but I’m pulling for the Bruins. I flat out HATE Tennessee…simple as that. I think the Vols will pull out a win though, which sucks.

4. (Personal emotions rise…) Oregon State (Go Beavs!) travels to Las Vegas where they will take on UNLV. So far, UNLV has managed to catch the nations eye and take the label “dark horse”. This is ridiculous, obviously…We all know the REAL “dark horse” is Oregon State. Why? Beating USC two of the last three years, both times where USC was kicking major a…football. I’m placing my entire month’s rent in this CFB pool and going for OSU. The Beavers are so motivated that it will be hard to ruin their happy attitudes. Bend over UNLV! Might I suggest bringing duct tape?

3. Last week’s debacle on the “Smurf Turf” caused a ripple across the nation. It was a negative one too. Oregon hosts Purdue this weekend and losing is not an option. The fans will be waiting for their Ducks to show who they REALLLY are. Week 1 HAD to be a fluke, right? Maybe, but we all saw their system get shut down like the small intestine of a 90 year-old man. Both were equal in obscenity…

Nevertheless, we all will probably enjoy watching this one. The Autzen Zoo is a hostile environment, so I’m told, and Purdue will have come from a cross-country venture. Much like LSU, the Boilermakers will be exhausted and have to eek out every OUNCE of energy. Ducks take it, but not by more than 7.

2. The runner-up for Game of the Week (Pac-10) goes to Washington hosting Idaho. WTF? Right?…I know, but I’m being serious here folks. Washington still has yet to win a game since 2007…2007!! The Vandals are ripe for destruction and I expect the Huskies to pounce with full force. Why would I even think of anything less from the Huskies? They man-handled the Tigers last week for a decent amount of time. The fans are frustrated, so are the players (even more so), and the coaches are looking to turn this program around. Now is the time, gentlemen! Now is the time!

Huskies take this game…blowout style. Sorry, but the Vandals just plain stink this year…and every other year.

1. Game of the Week (Pac-10) goes to USC at Ohio State. Yes, yes, yes…I know. This one has been flooding the CFB blogs, sports sites, and television reports for weeks, which is EXACTLY why I will not continue any further with this one. We already know what’s at stake for both teams. We already KNOW who their quarterbacks will be. I’m not pushing it anymore.

USC defeats Ohio State…easily (I’ll say give them a 10 point spread)

Alrighty! Now, CFB fanatic, go out! Go out to your flat-screens and tailgaters! Go out to your kegs (of rootbeer, duh)! Enjoy Week 2 of CFB!



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