Texas Week 2: Offense and Defense


The offense certainly looked rather slow during the first quarter of play on Saturday against Wyoming. It wasn’t until late second quarter that the Horns finally began their charge forward. The players did not panic when the Cowboys led through most of the second quarter with a 10-6 lead. Many other teams probably would have.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis told MB-TexasFootball.com, “the key to the game was the score before the half, with 1 minute 20 seconds left on the clock.” The offense gained needed momentum when Wyoming linebackers put pressure on Colt McCoy. James Kirkendoll (WR) found the open center and McCoy shot the ball right to his chest. Kirkendoll finished the run with a 25 yard touchdown, but not before performing an unbelievable balancing act after Wyoming DBs collided with him. Hunter Lawrence (K) followed with the extra point.

Davis was also keen to point out that both Jordan Shipley (WR) and Malcolm Williams (WR) made perfect blocks while Kirkendoll ran for the endzone. This is the second game in a row that blocking has been praised, which is not only a good for the passing game, but great for improving that lackluster running game.

The four key recievers, Kirkendoll, Shipley, Williams, and Chiles each caught 7, 7, 6, and 5 passes, respectively. “Spreading the ball out so well will continue to force defenders to cover our players more evenly”, said Davis.

Vondrell McGee (RB) showed some improvement (especially protecting the ball). He had 11 carries for 61 yards and a long of 19 yards.  Tre’ Newton (RB) had an awesome game with 8 carries for 62 yards and a touchdown. The freshman tailback is certainly showing his potential.

Greg Davis later reported that the Longhorns are “11 for 11 in the red-zone over the last two games”, and have accumulated over 500 offensive yards per game. The run-game has also improved with both contests totaling nearly 200 rushing yards.


Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp was very pleased with his defense. Though the Cowboys racked up 10 points against the Horns, 3 came from a field goal and the other 7 came on a blocked punt, which was returned for a TD.

Coach Muschamp “thought the kids did an outstanding job tackling in space…and covering all running lanes.” The D-line dominated the Cowboys offense, putting 5 total sacks for the day.

The defense played great overall. Their skills and speed in man-to-man coverage helped the Longhorns go with 31 unanswered points.

If the Longhorns hope to come out of next Saturday with a win over Texas Tech, in Austin, they will need to get fired up. They will lose if the team looks as sluggish as last weekend during the first quarter. It seemed like a productive game for everyone though and I’m quite sure Coach Mack Brown will be able to finely tune many of the weak spots that exist within the offense.

Texas Wyoming Football, James Kirkendoll (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Texas Wyoming Football, James Kirkendoll (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


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