Texas Pride

With less than ten seconds to go in the fourth, Nebraska up by two, McCoy decided he would run with the ball and then throw it out of bounds.

My heart stopped, my legs buckled, and I fell to the floor, hands covering my watery eyes. Apparently the time ran out and Nebraska would win the Big 12 Championship, thus leaving Texas to withstand an onslaught of media bashing for poor clock management.

The look in McCoy’s face as Nebraska players ran onto the field nearly made me start spraying liquid from my eye sockets. But to Husker fans’ avail, one more second was to be placed back onto the clock.

From 46 yards out, Hunter Lawrence would have the opportunity to win the Big 12 Championship for Texas and supporters.

The field goal was good. Texas became the Big 12 Championship. I managed to wobble away without puking.

The controversy will begin, however, and Texas’s chance to play against Alabama in the National Championship will be in the hands of computers.

Some will say TCU should get the bid, others know Texas will go. I’m a firm believer that Texas will get the invitation to Pasadena, but this process will be interesting.

People are quick to jump and criticize “powerhouse” teams when they don’t score very many points. This game was definitely all defense; Nebraska and Texas both.

My ultimate question for voters would be, “Can you be so quick to judge a game full of defense as ‘bad’ and still say an offensive shootout with similar outcomes is ‘better’?”

Texas has struggled the last two games, but they have victories. They are 13-0 for the season…

Whatever the outcome, I’m proud to be a Texan and a UT supporter.


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