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By Anthony Casson

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Turner Gill gets green

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By Anthony Casson

The University of Buffalo Bulls were considered one of the worst football teams in America before 2005–then Turner Gill arrived. Gill, a former Nebraska quarterback, coached the Bulls to a MAC conference championship in 2008 after beating a 12-0 Ball State team.

Now head coach at Kansas, Gill has a chance to succeed in the big-leagues of college football…all while making $2 million a year.

Gill becomes the fifth-highest paid coach in the Big 12. He’ll also have opportunities for bonuses if conference championships are won, the Jayhawks play in a BCS game, and if the national championship game is ever reached–that last one seems a bit far-off, but there’s $200,000 at stake.

The salary increase is all new for Gill.

Buffalo paid the coach $401,300 in 2009, Business First of Buffalo reported last November. That’s far from stingy to the average American, but compare that to $2 mil…that’s serious dough.

I can let out a big huffy sigh thinking about what-might-have-been had I made different career decisions…or I can laugh about how ridiculous college football can be–I’ll choose the latter.

As Gill has shown so clear, a hard-working life can pay the bills!


Worst of the worst

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By Anthony Casson

Sure we always talk about how there are 120 FBS teams in America, but how many of us really think about those outside the top 30 or 40? It’s actually quite embarrassing to analyze the rear-end of the sport. Sometimes I do it just to get a good laugh; the latest victim to play ant-under-the-magnifying-glass is Washington State.

Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk pounded the gavel Wednesday. The 2010 season will be the first year the Cougs don’t play a game at Seattle’s Qwest Field since 2001.

Why? Well for one, WSU’s contract expired after last season’s game against Hawaii. There’s something else though…

“Washington State needs to draw at least 50,000 people for a Seattle game to make it worth moving the game away from Pullman (WA),” Sterk said.

Attendance during the Hawaii game last September was announced at 42,912; the 2008 season saw 50,830 when the Cougars played Oklahoma State.

Since 2003 WSU hasn’t had a winning season. The past two years saw records of 2-10 (2008) and 1-11 (2009). It’s no real wonder then why Sterk is so quick to eliminate the idea of playing at Qwest. No one wants to watch UNLV, a mediocre team, play hunter while WSU runs in circles awaiting it’s demise.

Football isn’t supposed to make children cry, and that’s what happens when the Cougars play.

No wonder WSU is a party capitol; I’d be fast to grab the bottle too if I were stuck in the frozen tundra, forced to take classes with no real football to help warm my soul.

If you can't cheer, pose.

Horns and Aggies keep up turkey battle

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By Anthony Casson

The University of Texas and Texas A&M University will continue their Thanksgiving evening brawl, it was announced Tuesday along with the added UT home games against BYU and UTEP for 2011 and 2012.

Through the 2010 and 2011 seasons, the Longhorns will play their annual rivalry game against the Aggies during Thanksgiving dinner. Just this last season, the two teams fought to the bitter end at TAMU’s Kyle Field; Texas won 49-39.

This year, the Aggies will travel to Austin, but things will be a bit different on the Burnt Orange side of the ball. Record-setting Longhorn QB Colt McCoy will not be around to help lead UT towards a victory; rather, young-gun Garrett Gilbert will play under center. The Aggies will be playing with an experienced group, including the very exciting QB Jerrod Johnson.

If you’ve never watched the Lone Star Showdown, please do this coming November; it’s a major tribute to another heated rivalry that makes the college spectacle so wonderful.

What are they thinking?

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By Anthony Casson

Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli

College football is a dramatic event, which is why millions upon millions watch the sport. But does that mean college athletes–or important figures in general–need to make their personal lives dramatic just to support the sport? I say absolutely not, but these days it’s as if participants’ lives are naturally attracted to the emotional effect that drama induces.

Whether or not recent allegations against Oregon football players are found to be true, it forces me to reminisce about past legal developments in the college football universe. All I can say is,  please, for the love of God! Just THINK!

The dilemmas that college athletes–in particular, football players–put themselves in is mind boggling.

Why on Earth would you ever decide to enter a mindset that will most likely damage, or destroy, any reputation you have built, any respect you have gained, or even the hopes and dreams you have created for yourself? It just makes no sense; it’s terribly disturbing to me.

Nothing is more upsetting to watch than someone work so hard to accomplish a goal(s), only to do something STUPID that ruins everything.

People blame the media for getting involved and telling the story. It’s not our fault though! It’s the SUBJECT’S fault for choosing to do something against the law.

It was former Texas receiver Dan Buckner’s fault for putting himself in a position of arrest; it was Florida DE Carlos Dunlap’s fault for driving while intoxicated and being arrested for it; it’s the fault of anyone who decides to say, “Hey, I’m just going to say ‘FUCK this! I’m not going to get caught. Nothing’s going to happen to me.'”

One of my best friends always says, “Karma’s a bitch!”

Is there anything more true? Doubt it.

Athletes in important positions or situations need to start reaaaalllly thinking about the choices they make. Sure it gives folks, including myself, ammo within the media world and helps pay bills, but it doesn’t mean we always ENJOY having to put the stories out.

Just because we write about negative things doesn’t mean we’re ‘all for negativity for negativity sake’.

Some quick advice: if you’re a popular person or someone that the media may find interesting, think to yourself, “If I do this, will the media be able to attack me in a negative light? Is there ANY possible way someone with a connection will give my decision up to the press?” If the answers are “yes”, then just walk away…don’t do it.

Becoming a symbol of what NOT to do isn’t a good thing, so choose wisely.

We’ll find you if you’ve done wrong, and we’ll make money doing it; reporters need to make a living.

Former Longhorn Dan Buckner

Florida DE Carlos Dunlap

Meyer, Meyer, pants on fire

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by Anthony Casson

Urban Meyer has heart problems. It’s been known in the sports community for a while now. The Florida coach was even planning on stepping down as Head Coach for a length of time, but all that is probably going to change.

With reports arriving about Meyer saying he might coach spring ball, you have to wonder what his family thinks about his Favre-ish statements. One minute the man is out the door for good, the next he’s taking “a leave of absence”, and now he just wants to remain the Gators’ coach. It’s all rather ridiculous.

Reports from the AP are saying Meyer is eating better, working out consistently, and has even gained a healthy 20 pounds; all of this is happening during his apparent “normal recruiting workload”.

If I were a Gator fan, this would all be good news; it would be fantastic news; it would mean more security as a football program.

If I were a Meyer family member–specifically an immediate-family member–I’m not sure I would see things the same way; it would be hard to hear Meyer would come back as early as spring. I would want his ass to stay put through at least the summer. There would be no issues bringing him back for fall camp.

However, the situation is already set. Neither I nor anyone else outside the Meyer household can convince him to rest and relax for the next seven months. Meyer is an awesome coach, but what good does he do anyone by rushing into the coaching game again so quickly?

The only outcome of his quick return is another statement next fall much like the one we all were subject to in December.

Please, Meyer, for the sake of your family, just relax!

Just let it go, Urby

It’s looking like Muschamp will stay

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By Anthony Casson

Reports have been trickling out that Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will stay with the Longhorns.

Soon after Lane Kiffin left for Southern California, Tennessee tried luring Muschamp to Knoxville. Texas recruiting commits were contacted by UT staff to let them know Muschamp will remain in Austin.

It’s also likely that Texas has increased Muschamp’s salary. He has been making nearly $1 million since 2008 and is now considered one of the best defensive minds in the country. Texas head coach Mack Brown is now on a $5 million-a-year salary, which is the highest for a college coach in America.

Texas DC Will Muschamp (left) with HC Mack Brown (right)