Ohio State; no longer BCS losers

By Anthony Casson

In what many would consider the best Rose Bowl Game since Texas played Michigan, The Ohio State University defeated the University of Oregon in this year’s Rose Bowl.

The Buckeyes tallied 419 total yards and dominated possession with 41 minutes; Oregon had the ball 18 minutes.

Impressive player of the game? Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, who has been kept on a leash since the loss to Purdue, completed 23 of 37 passes for 266 yards, and 2 touchdowns. He finally showed the nation what he can do; like his team, he has been considered “overrated” by critics since the beginning of the season.

Ohio State fans finally breathe a sigh of relief after their beloved team ended a three-BCS-game losing streak. Jim Tressel, the coach of the Buckeyes, was also able to smile and enjoy a pleasantly cold Gatorade bath, courtesy of his players.

What happens now?

Well I would assume Oregon fans will make the short journey back to Eugene and Ohio State fans will take their time getting back to the chilly Midwest climate.

The decade ends on a high note for the Buckeyes.

Oregon should not feel bad though. While they were controlled throughout the entire game, the talented team has a lot to look forward to.

Both Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James will come back next year; James is only a freshman.

A year of verbal torture from Oregon State fans will keep the Ducks hungry for more. Next season looks bright.

Once again, congratulations to the 2010 Rose Bowl Champions, The Ohio State Buckeyes. Anyone affiliated with the university, enjoy the moment and good luck next year.


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