Texas Fans, It’s Time

By Anthony Casson

Here it is, January 7th, 2010–the new year means the slate is wiped clean and we all prepare for another long, arduous college football off-season. But one game remains; the game that matters most to any fans supporting a team in the match-up; the BCS National Championship Game.

Texas and Alabama fans will surround their televisions, radios, computers, even cell phones, just to watch their respective team fight for a chance to be named The National Champions.

It’s a highly emotional time–I have made no attempt at hiding my adoration for the Longhorns, so I will say that even I, someone that is latched to the laws of media-unbiased beliefs, am very emotional today.

Texas fans have been waiting half the decade to get back to this event. That isn’t a long time however. Some teams never get the chance to play top-ranked college teams, let alone have the opportunity to go to a National Championship game. We must be thankful that our team gets a shot occasionally; maybe this could be  a repeat of the ’60s and tomorrow we will have to start a 30-some years before going to play the Big Game once again. Most of us will think that’s impossible though, myself included.

Embrace everything today, Texas fans. Our football helps define us, so be good about it. Enjoy all that this time has to offer, but do not become too serious. Remember that win or lose tonight, the friends and loved ones around you, watching the game with you, will be around forever. Wins feel great, but losses can breed lessons.

I think we’d all like another trophy on the mantle though…



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