Mike Riley, lifetime commitment to Beavers

By Anthony Casson

Oregon State Athletic Director Bob De Carolis has been reported conjuring up a lifetime coaching contract for OSU head coach Mike Riley, Sunday.

Riley, who will be wooed by USC financial heads, will have to make a coaching decision in the near future; choose to stay at OSU, or go off to Southern California and take over the Pete Carrol program.

It probably wouldn’t be a tough decision for any coach to make, but for Riley it certainly will be.

Riley left the program once before to coach the San Diego Chargers. Money pulled him away from the town he grew up in, Corvallis. The same thing might happen soon.

USC has a large bank of money stemming from boosters. A job getting $3 million a year is a total possibility for Riley, if he were to take the job. OSU pays him under $1 million right now.

A lifetime contract does what it says. It says in a unique way, “We would like you to coach here until you’re ready to call it good.”

What no one has yet to address, however, is what OSU will offer to pay him during this time-period.

The school is already hit with financial issues. Job cuts across the academic landscape happen often nowadays.

It isn’t like OSU has any huge numbers of wealthy boosters either.

What this ultimately means is OSU cannot offer Riley large sums of money, and USC can.

As I have posted on many occasions after reading about the contract, Riley can make $15 million in five years at USC, or he can make $15 million in 15 years at OSU. He just needs to choose where his family should live until he retires.

Southern California is rather attractive. I’m glad I’m not the coach.


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