Meyer, Meyer, pants on fire

by Anthony Casson

Urban Meyer has heart problems. It’s been known in the sports community for a while now. The Florida coach was even planning on stepping down as Head Coach for a length of time, but all that is probably going to change.

With reports arriving about Meyer saying he might coach spring ball, you have to wonder what his family thinks about his Favre-ish statements. One minute the man is out the door for good, the next he’s taking “a leave of absence”, and now he just wants to remain the Gators’ coach. It’s all rather ridiculous.

Reports from the AP are saying Meyer is eating better, working out consistently, and has even gained a healthy 20 pounds; all of this is happening during his apparent “normal recruiting workload”.

If I were a Gator fan, this would all be good news; it would be fantastic news; it would mean more security as a football program.

If I were a Meyer family member–specifically an immediate-family member–I’m not sure I would see things the same way; it would be hard to hear Meyer would come back as early as spring. I would want his ass to stay put through at least the summer. There would be no issues bringing him back for fall camp.

However, the situation is already set. Neither I nor anyone else outside the Meyer household can convince him to rest and relax for the next seven months. Meyer is an awesome coach, but what good does he do anyone by rushing into the coaching game again so quickly?

The only outcome of his quick return is another statement next fall much like the one we all were subject to in December.

Please, Meyer, for the sake of your family, just relax!

Just let it go, Urby


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