Turner Gill gets green

By Anthony Casson

The University of Buffalo Bulls were considered one of the worst football teams in America before 2005–then Turner Gill arrived. Gill, a former Nebraska quarterback, coached the Bulls to a MAC conference championship in 2008 after beating a 12-0 Ball State team.

Now head coach at Kansas, Gill has a chance to succeed in the big-leagues of college football…all while making $2 million a year.

Gill becomes the fifth-highest paid coach in the Big 12. He’ll also have opportunities for bonuses if conference championships are won, the Jayhawks play in a BCS game, and if the national championship game is ever reached–that last one seems a bit far-off, but there’s $200,000 at stake.

The salary increase is all new for Gill.

Buffalo paid the coach $401,300 in 2009, Business First of Buffalo reported last November. That’s far from stingy to the average American, but compare that to $2 mil…that’s serious dough.

I can let out a big huffy sigh thinking about what-might-have-been had I made different career decisions…or I can laugh about how ridiculous college football can be–I’ll choose the latter.

As Gill has shown so clear, a hard-working life can pay the bills!



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