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Horns and Aggies keep up turkey battle

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By Anthony Casson

The University of Texas and Texas A&M University will continue their Thanksgiving evening brawl, it was announced Tuesday along with the added UT home games against BYU and UTEP for 2011 and 2012.

Through the 2010 and 2011 seasons, the Longhorns will play their annual rivalry game against the Aggies during Thanksgiving dinner. Just this last season, the two teams fought to the bitter end at TAMU’s Kyle Field; Texas won 49-39.

This year, the Aggies will travel to Austin, but things will be a bit different on the Burnt Orange side of the ball. Record-setting Longhorn QB Colt McCoy will not be around to help lead UT towards a victory; rather, young-gun Garrett Gilbert will play under center. The Aggies will be playing with an experienced group, including the very exciting QB Jerrod Johnson.

If you’ve never watched the Lone Star Showdown, please do this coming November; it’s a major tribute to another heated rivalry that makes the college spectacle so wonderful.


It’s looking like Muschamp will stay

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By Anthony Casson

Reports have been trickling out that Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will stay with the Longhorns.

Soon after Lane Kiffin left for Southern California, Tennessee tried luring Muschamp to Knoxville. Texas recruiting commits were contacted by UT staff to let them know Muschamp will remain in Austin.

It’s also likely that Texas has increased Muschamp’s salary. He has been making nearly $1 million since 2008 and is now considered one of the best defensive minds in the country. Texas head coach Mack Brown is now on a $5 million-a-year salary, which is the highest for a college coach in America.

Texas DC Will Muschamp (left) with HC Mack Brown (right)

Muschamp on top of Tennessee list

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By Anthony Casson

Since it was announced Tuesday evening that Lane Kiffin is leaving Tennessee to become the head coach at USC, UT has been on the search for a proper replacement; the top of the list has Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator at Texas.

Will Muschamp, DC at Texas and head-coach-in-waiting, came to the Longhorns from Alabama starting in 2008. Since then he has become a leading force behind Texas’ success defensively. It’s no surprise that Tennessee is looking in his direction. Muschamp had years of experience with Alabama under head coach Nick Saban. SEC familiarity might be one of UT’s requirements, or at least high preferences. has reported, however, that many sources at Texas are “not concerned” with Muschamp leaving. The same sources say Muschamp is comfortable with his situation and there is no worry the Volunteers will sweep him away from the Longhorns program.

Any confirmation of his decision will be reported.

Texas Fans, It’s Time

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By Anthony Casson

Here it is, January 7th, 2010–the new year means the slate is wiped clean and we all prepare for another long, arduous college football off-season. But one game remains; the game that matters most to any fans supporting a team in the match-up; the BCS National Championship Game.

Texas and Alabama fans will surround their televisions, radios, computers, even cell phones, just to watch their respective team fight for a chance to be named The National Champions.

It’s a highly emotional time–I have made no attempt at hiding my adoration for the Longhorns, so I will say that even I, someone that is latched to the laws of media-unbiased beliefs, am very emotional today.

Texas fans have been waiting half the decade to get back to this event. That isn’t a long time however. Some teams never get the chance to play top-ranked college teams, let alone have the opportunity to go to a National Championship game. We must be thankful that our team gets a shot occasionally; maybe this could be  a repeat of the ’60s and tomorrow we will have to start a 30-some years before going to play the Big Game once again. Most of us will think that’s impossible though, myself included.

Embrace everything today, Texas fans. Our football helps define us, so be good about it. Enjoy all that this time has to offer, but do not become too serious. Remember that win or lose tonight, the friends and loved ones around you, watching the game with you, will be around forever. Wins feel great, but losses can breed lessons.

I think we’d all like another trophy on the mantle though…


Texas Pride

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With less than ten seconds to go in the fourth, Nebraska up by two, McCoy decided he would run with the ball and then throw it out of bounds.

My heart stopped, my legs buckled, and I fell to the floor, hands covering my watery eyes. Apparently the time ran out and Nebraska would win the Big 12 Championship, thus leaving Texas to withstand an onslaught of media bashing for poor clock management.

The look in McCoy’s face as Nebraska players ran onto the field nearly made me start spraying liquid from my eye sockets. But to Husker fans’ avail, one more second was to be placed back onto the clock.

From 46 yards out, Hunter Lawrence would have the opportunity to win the Big 12 Championship for Texas and supporters.

The field goal was good. Texas became the Big 12 Championship. I managed to wobble away without puking.

The controversy will begin, however, and Texas’s chance to play against Alabama in the National Championship will be in the hands of computers.

Some will say TCU should get the bid, others know Texas will go. I’m a firm believer that Texas will get the invitation to Pasadena, but this process will be interesting.

People are quick to jump and criticize “powerhouse” teams when they don’t score very many points. This game was definitely all defense; Nebraska and Texas both.

My ultimate question for voters would be, “Can you be so quick to judge a game full of defense as ‘bad’ and still say an offensive shootout with similar outcomes is ‘better’?”

Texas has struggled the last two games, but they have victories. They are 13-0 for the season…

Whatever the outcome, I’m proud to be a Texan and a UT supporter.

All Eyes On: Earl Thomas

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By Anthony Casson


College football is a world filled with some amazing talents, on and off the field. Within that world is the newest gem in my line-up, sophomore safety Earl Thomas. E.T., as his nickname goes, is one of Texas’s many star players, but there is a special presence about this young man.

Here’s what you should know…


Thomas, who was part of the 2007 high school graduating class, was handed a redshirt season his first year with Texas. The four-sport letterman and four-star athlete ( certainly had the talent to start, but Coach Mack Brown elected to have him build as a defensive back for a year.

Texas’s 2008 season brought a contingency of young defensive talent in the backfield. Of the group was E.T. His 5-10, 197 lb build with 4.4 second 40-speed immediately put him on the starting team.

Thomas’s stats for the whole season included 13 starts at safety (full season), important roles on special teams, 72 tackles (51 solo), 17 passes-broken-up (PBU), two interceptions (both against top-ranked Oklahoma), four forced-fumbles and one blocked punt.

The athlete turned new-safety talent out of Orange, Texas immediately became a fan-favorite in Austin.



So far this season, Thomas has begun to make a national statement. Twice this year he has been crowned Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week for his performances against UTEP and Oklahoma. He is also in the running for the Jim Thorpe award, which is given at year’s end to the top defensive back.

His statistics have been tremendous thus far. As of week 10, he has 43 tackles (27 solo), 11 PBU, six interceptions and two touchdowns. The first of his two scores came against Colorado when he returned a pick 92 yards (ties for 2nd in Texas history). The second was a 31 yard pick-six at Oklahoma State.


Earl Thomas is a relaxed and cool guy. His teammates and coaches have nothing but positive things to say about him. Much of his easy-going attitude probably has to do with his father who is a pastor at a church. Thomas helps with church events by playing the piano whenever one is available…no singing, mind you, just playing the sounds. If his ability on the field could somehow turn into music, it would definitely be a masterpiece.


E.T. sports the Golden Hat after the 2009 Red River Rivalry

Heads Will Roll At The Cotton Bowl

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By Anthony Casson

It’s back! The Red River Rivalry is back!

Hopefully you know at least something about this friggin huge game (formerly the Red River Shootout), but if you don’t, here are a few things that are good to remember. You’ll have folks thinkin’ you’re an RRR-pro in a jiffy!

Who the heck plays this game?

– This isn’t a game for sissies. No, this is a game for two extreme, college football programs; the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners.

Where is this ‘friggin game’ played?

– Hey! Don’t mock me! The bloody battle is currently played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. It’s been that way since 1932. Dallas held the site starting in 1912, but there were a few games played elsewhere. Dallas is chosen as a “neutral site”, because of it’s central location between UT (Austin, TX) and OU (Norman, OK).

Wow! 1912, huh? Did they play before that?

– There’s that interest I was tryin’ to spark! And YES! The two schools have played since 1900.

Interesting…so who holds the better record?

– I’m quite glad you mentioned this. Actually, the Texas Longhorns hold the series lead over the…ugh…Sooners, 58-40-5. This will change Saturday though…

Is it a pretty friendly rivalry?

– HA! OH YOU DEAR, DEAR SOUL! ‘Friendly’ is most certainly not the correct answer. How do you THINK a cross-boarder rivalry goes? With cheerful hugging, loving, and maybe some motorboat action? Hell no! This is about pain! This is about maintaining pride and ruining the other’s! This is a mid-season championship!! Burnt orange and white, crimson and cream…each blood will flow across the grid iron! The victor loses the least!

….Can you, like, calm down?

– Yes…sorry.

Okay, is there anything else I should know?

– Yes. The game is always during the State Fair of Texas, home to corny dogs, fried Oreos, and anything else interesting you can imagine! You’ll basically have time to eat, party next to Big Tex, and die on the gigantic ferris wheel, the Texas Star. Write your Will while you still can.

Man, this doesn’t seem like TOO much to remember.

– Oh, this is just the basic stuff! I’d rather you watch the game Saturday (12PM EASTERN) and learn about the rest yourself! Trust me, those commentators will give you PLENTY of goodies to think about.


– No problem, friend. No problem.

Thanks for the picture Kid-I-Don't-Know

Thanks for the picture Kid-I-Don't-Know