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What are they thinking?

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By Anthony Casson

Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli

College football is a dramatic event, which is why millions upon millions watch the sport. But does that mean college athletes–or important figures in general–need to make their personal lives dramatic just to support the sport? I say absolutely not, but these days it’s as if participants’ lives are naturally attracted to the emotional effect that drama induces.

Whether or not recent allegations against Oregon football players are found to be true, it forces me to reminisce about past legal developments in the college football universe. All I can say is,  please, for the love of God! Just THINK!

The dilemmas that college athletes–in particular, football players–put themselves in is mind boggling.

Why on Earth would you ever decide to enter a mindset that will most likely damage, or destroy, any reputation you have built, any respect you have gained, or even the hopes and dreams you have created for yourself? It just makes no sense; it’s terribly disturbing to me.

Nothing is more upsetting to watch than someone work so hard to accomplish a goal(s), only to do something STUPID that ruins everything.

People blame the media for getting involved and telling the story. It’s not our fault though! It’s the SUBJECT’S fault for choosing to do something against the law.

It was former Texas receiver Dan Buckner’s fault for putting himself in a position of arrest; it was Florida DE Carlos Dunlap’s fault for driving while intoxicated and being arrested for it; it’s the fault of anyone who decides to say, “Hey, I’m just going to say ‘FUCK this! I’m not going to get caught. Nothing’s going to happen to me.'”

One of my best friends always says, “Karma’s a bitch!”

Is there anything more true? Doubt it.

Athletes in important positions or situations need to start reaaaalllly thinking about the choices they make. Sure it gives folks, including myself, ammo within the media world and helps pay bills, but it doesn’t mean we always ENJOY having to put the stories out.

Just because we write about negative things doesn’t mean we’re ‘all for negativity for negativity sake’.

Some quick advice: if you’re a popular person or someone that the media may find interesting, think to yourself, “If I do this, will the media be able to attack me in a negative light? Is there ANY possible way someone with a connection will give my decision up to the press?” If the answers are “yes”, then just walk away…don’t do it.

Becoming a symbol of what NOT to do isn’t a good thing, so choose wisely.

We’ll find you if you’ve done wrong, and we’ll make money doing it; reporters need to make a living.

Former Longhorn Dan Buckner

Florida DE Carlos Dunlap


Ohio State; no longer BCS losers

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By Anthony Casson

In what many would consider the best Rose Bowl Game since Texas played Michigan, The Ohio State University defeated the University of Oregon in this year’s Rose Bowl.

The Buckeyes tallied 419 total yards and dominated possession with 41 minutes; Oregon had the ball 18 minutes.

Impressive player of the game? Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, who has been kept on a leash since the loss to Purdue, completed 23 of 37 passes for 266 yards, and 2 touchdowns. He finally showed the nation what he can do; like his team, he has been considered “overrated” by critics since the beginning of the season.

Ohio State fans finally breathe a sigh of relief after their beloved team ended a three-BCS-game losing streak. Jim Tressel, the coach of the Buckeyes, was also able to smile and enjoy a pleasantly cold Gatorade bath, courtesy of his players.

What happens now?

Well I would assume Oregon fans will make the short journey back to Eugene and Ohio State fans will take their time getting back to the chilly Midwest climate.

The decade ends on a high note for the Buckeyes.

Oregon should not feel bad though. While they were controlled throughout the entire game, the talented team has a lot to look forward to.

Both Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James will come back next year; James is only a freshman.

A year of verbal torture from Oregon State fans will keep the Ducks hungry for more. Next season looks bright.

Once again, congratulations to the 2010 Rose Bowl Champions, The Ohio State Buckeyes. Anyone affiliated with the university, enjoy the moment and good luck next year.