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Worst of the worst

Posted in NCAA Football with tags , , on January 27, 2010 by burntorangehorn09

By Anthony Casson

Sure we always talk about how there are 120 FBS teams in America, but how many of us really think about those outside the top 30 or 40? It’s actually quite embarrassing to analyze the rear-end of the sport. Sometimes I do it just to get a good laugh; the latest victim to play ant-under-the-magnifying-glass is Washington State.

Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk pounded the gavel Wednesday. The 2010 season will be the first year the Cougs don’t play a game at Seattle’s Qwest Field since 2001.

Why? Well for one, WSU’s contract expired after last season’s game against Hawaii. There’s something else though…

“Washington State needs to draw at least 50,000 people for a Seattle game to make it worth moving the game away from Pullman (WA),” Sterk said.

Attendance during the Hawaii game last September was announced at 42,912; the 2008 season saw 50,830 when the Cougars played Oklahoma State.

Since 2003 WSU hasn’t had a winning season. The past two years saw records of 2-10 (2008) and 1-11 (2009). It’s no real wonder then why Sterk is so quick to eliminate the idea of playing at Qwest. No one wants to watch UNLV, a mediocre team, play hunter while WSU runs in circles awaiting it’s demise.

Football isn’t supposed to make children cry, and that’s what happens when the Cougars play.

No wonder WSU is a party capitol; I’d be fast to grab the bottle too if I were stuck in the frozen tundra, forced to take classes with no real football to help warm my soul.

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